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Managing Content from Creation to Delivery with XML: Case Studies 04-03-03/04-03-03.html
Single-source information management with XML can represent a powerful solution to the challenges of creating, managing, and publishing content. While the transition from disconnected workflows based around unstructured authoring can be daunting, requiring changes to workflows across an entire enterprise, the rewards of a successful single-source implementation can be well worth the effort. Benefits can include more efficient content creation, easier access to information, and increased automation of publishing processes.

Introduction to Structured Content Management with XML FeaturedTopic/?feature_id=112 [ Dead Link ]
Organizations of all sizes are beginning to realize how content and its reuse across the enterprise can improve productivity -- and the bottom line. . . .At the heart of managing content for re-use, however lies the job of exposing the underlying structure of that information. This article is meant to serve as an introductory primer on how to define and use information structure when managing content.

An XML Primer by Larry Mongin
Dated material (last revised in 2000), but still helpful for basic information on XML.
A very comprehensive, authoritative, up-to-date source for all things XML (O’Reilly).

The Apache XML Project
Open source XML site with wide ranging information on developing standards.
Good quick reference for various XML standards and acronyms.

XML Standards and Vocabularies
Good reference site for various industry-specific XML vocabularies.

XML Files
Helpful, simple tutorials on XML topics; good place to learn XML.

World Wide Web Consortium
The primary source for all things web related.

Another helpful site for answering basic XML questions.

Standards body for DocBook and other XML-related activies; very technical but important.

Covers industry-specific content on XML standards, hosted by OASIS.

Covers XML use in government.

XML - The Site
General reference site on XML; extensive glossary, article, expert opinions.

XML Hack
Good news site for XML developers.

Another good site for XML application developers.

XML Files
Good articles for XML developers.

IBM’s XML Web Pages
Loads of information on XML, helpful to newbies up to experienced programmers.

Official site for DocBook, including full documentation.

Microsoft’s XML Web Pages
Information on XML in the world of Microsoft.

Jakob Nielsen's Website
Jakob Nielsen is an author and known expert and resource on user interfaces, especially Web design strategy and Web usability