Using XML for Web Site Management: Getting Started Guide

Jim Costello, Donna S. Canestraro, Derek Werthmuller, J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, and Andrea Baker
Sept. 26, 2006


XML Getting Strated CoverAs government Web sites grow in size and complexity, it is important for agencies to develop sounder approaches to Web site management and publication processes. Poor public image, prohibitive maintenance costs, lack of consistency, and limited capacity to provide multiple formats are just some of the problems that many government Web sites are already facing or will face in the near future. The future of e-government will depend in part on the ability of governments to manage their Web sites in a more effective and efficient way to deliver value to citizens.

The Getting Started with XML guide is based on CTG’s own experience converting its Web site to XML, along with the experiences of five New York State agencies who participated in CTG’s XML Testbed. The research gathered from the Testbed contributed to a greater awareness of how XML can be used for Web site management in government settings.

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