Smart Cities Smart Government Research-Practice Consortium


Project started on Aug. 6, 2015 (Still Active)

Smart Cities and Smart Governments Research-Practice Consortium

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The Smart Cities and Smart Governments Research-Practice Consortium is a robust global smart cities research community that focuses on innovations in technology, management, and policy that change the fabric of the world’s cities.

Through networking and connected research, the Consortium shares ideas, new knowledge, research, and practice innovations in the interest of increasing opportunities for all who live, and work, in these cities.

The SCSGRP Consortium is based at the Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany, State University of New York.

Consortium’s Goals

•Formally connects those engaged in cutting-edge research on smart cities
•Supports the development of a connected smart cities research community
•Creates a foundation for interdisciplinary and multi-national research teams
•Provides a network to support knowledge sharing

Consortium’s Activities

June 2021 virtual workshop
June 2022 virtual workshop
June 2023 virtual symposium