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Scope of Work
In partnership with the NYS CIO Council and the NYS Office of the Chief Information Officer and Office for Technology (CIO/OFT), CTG initiated a project to generate a set of recommendations for enterprise IT governance for NYS government. The recommendations in this report relate to the components of the enhanced enterprise IT governance structure and the implementation of those components, which were collaboratively developed with key stakeholders within NYS, including state and local government CIOs, state control agencies, and CIO/OFT. The project drew on insights gained within NYS, as well as IT governance experiences nationwide, lessons from the private sector, and frameworks developed in the academic literature. The project was conducted between May 2008 - August 2009 and was divided into 4 phases:
  1. Project kickoff and agreement on the project goals and plan. CTG launched the project at the joint session of the New York State CIO Council quarterly meeting and the 2008 spring conference of the New York State Local Government IT Director’s Association.
  2. Current practice research In this phase, CTG conducted an environmental scan of enterprise IT governance practices in the public and private sector in NYS and nationwide. The scan of current practices describes the processes used to create enterprise IT governance structures and the capabilities necessary to make such endeavor successful.
  3. Needs Assessment and Framework Drafting. NYS government currently employs some elements of enterprise-level IT governance. This phase elicited information as to the best methods to enhance these existing practices in order to achieve the desired value connected with state-wide enterprise IT governance. The assessment also explored the extent of changes needed to realize the desired value.
  4. Draft Model. The last phase tested the feasibility and effectiveness of the necessary changes related to state planning and procurement processes if the new structure is to be effective.