Creating Enhanced Enterprise Information Technology Governance for New York State: A Set of Recommendations for Value-Generating Change

Theresa A. Pardo, Donna S. Canestraro, Jana Hrdinov√°, Anthony M. Cresswell, and Anna Raup-Kounovsky
Aug. 26, 2009


Cover IT Gov RecommendationsNew levels of capability for coordinated action across organizational boundaries are required in order for government to realize the transformative potential of technology and cope with new economic imperatives. This report outlines five recommendations for change developed through a collaborative, consensus-driven process conducted by CTG on behalf of the New York State CIO community. These recommendations are targeted at building new capability for enterprise information technology investment decision making for New York State. The recommendations extend existing enterprise IT governance capability by introducing a new level of transparency in decision making, increasing the opportunity for alignment of IT investments with New York State’s strategic priorities, and fostering the development of policies and standards to guide those investments.

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