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Scope of Work

NYS Broadband Speed Test

This project involves several components:

  1. Broadband Speed Test Website
    CTG designed and implemented a website to host the broadband speed test at
    1. Speed test tool and reporting mechanism
      In consultation with OCS, CTG identified the M-Lab speed test application, currently being used by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as best suited to meet the needs of the project. Factors used in selecting the testing tool included how it collects speed test data, ease of use, the kind of data it can collect, how it stores it, how it makes data available (access to database, routine reporting, etc.), and the robust testing infrastructure used to conduct the speed tests.

      CTG is asking testers to measure their upload and download speeds, then submit this data and information about their geographic location, their connection type, and their access point.

  2. Data Collection
    CTG designed a data collection plan to recruit a sufficient number of residential broadband speed testers to reliably represent the experienced broadband speed within as many broadband service areas as possible. This data is being collected over a five year period (2010-2014) with the understanding that actual speeds are impacted by many factors beyond the technical capabilities of the broadband infrastructure, including the time of day, the number of users online at that time, the capacity of the customer’s equipment including the modem, and other factors.
    1. Sampling strategy
      A sampling strategy will identify the broadband service areas throughout NYS and the number of data points required to successfully verify the data provided in those areas. The sampling strategy is being developed in close cooperation with the OCS team.
    2. Recruitment strategy
      CTG designed and is implementing a recruitment strategy to enlist a sufficient number of residential test takers to meet the requirements of the sampling strategy. The project needs speed testers from broadband service areas throughout the state. These test takers will be encouraged to visit the broadband speed test website, run the speed test using their home computer system, and submit the results of the speed test via the website.

      The recruitment strategy makes use of both traditional marketing tools and new social media to reach a broad audience. In addition, CTG and OCS will coordinate their efforts to take full advantage of existing relationships with relevant stakeholder groups in NYS.

  3. Data Management, Preliminary Analyses, and Data Delivery
    In coordination with OCS, CTG designed a database for collecting and storing speed test results and other submitted information, is conducting preliminary analysis, and providing data to OCS. CTG will manage the survey data collected and conduct some preliminary analysis to determine how the data collected is meeting the sampling strategy and OCS’s requirements for reporting results to NTIA.