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Advancing New York State's Broadband Goals
Broadband, sometimes referred to as high-speed Internet, is a critical engine for communities to enhance social and economic well-being and a vital resource to educate our youth, create jobs, promote public safety, and deliver essential services such as healthcare. Universal broadband capabilities enable state and local governments to provide better and more cost efficient services. Yet, broadband in New York State and across the United States is not what it needs to be for residents and businesses to realize all the potential benefits. The United States is behind many countries in the adoption of broadband technology.

To close this gap, New York State is working to fulfill the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) requirements for New York’s portion of the national broadband map, at the same time gathering information to support important broadband policy work within New York State as laid out in the state's Broadband Strategic Roadmap. As part of this initiative, OCS has also launched the New York State Broadband Mapping website, where visitors can query the map by street address to discover the types of broadband services available at any New York State location, with accompanying provider contact information.
Project Summary
CTG is supporting New York State in its efforts to ensure broadband is universally available so that every New Yorker can fully participate in the modern digital economy. One of the first steps toward achieving this goal is to clearly understand the existing broadband landscape. In support of activities by the New York State Broadband Development and Deployment Council, CTG is working with the NYS Office of Cyber Security (OCS) on several initiatives to help the state develop a clear picture of where broadband service gaps exist. The results of these initiatives will be used by the state to help guide policy decisions and direct future resources and investments in broadband infrastructure.
Project Components
NYS Broadband Speed Test
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CTG developed a website with a speed test tool to independently test the speed of broadband service available to New York State residents. CTG is collecting, analyzing, and reporting the results to OCS, who is using the results to validate the data on its interactive NYS Broadband Map.
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Community Anchor Institutions
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CTG is conducting outreach to the over 10,000 community anchor institutions (i.e. library, hospital, school, firehouse) in New York State to answer a series of questions related to their broadband access. Anchor institutions are essential to providing broadband access to unserved and underserved populations unable to maintain computer service in individual homes because of financial or technological impediments. More>>
Broadband Adoption Survey
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CTG conducted a survey of NYS residents to collect data about availability of broadband and factors affecting decisions by households and individuals to subscribe to such services. After analyzing the data and survey findings, CTG issued a report that included recommendations to the state for future broadband planning, policy, and programming. Report>>