Digital Government Maturity Assessment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Project started on Feb. 16, 2020 (Completed)

UAE Architecture.

The Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through their Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) sought to assess the digital government maturity of ten UAE Ministries so that they could continue to move towards enterprise digital transformation.

  • In order to carry out this assessment, they asked the Center for Technology in Government (CTG UAlbany) in partnership with Richard Kerby LLC, to:
  • Produce an adapted Digital Government Maturity Model Framework (DGMMF) specific for the UAE Ministries that focuses in the following critical areas Leadership, Strategy, Governance, Legal, Technology, Cybersecurity, Emerging Technologies and New Trends, API Ecosystem Management, and Ministry and Agency Specific Goals
  • Develop Digital Government Maturity Assessment (DGMA) Guide and accompanying training course curriculum
  • Train over 35 TRA officials in how to carry out a digital government maturity assessment so that they can lead the assessments in the following ministries Ministry of Health (MoH), Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MoID), UAE Space Agency, Ministry of Education (MoE), Central Bank, Ministry of Energy & Industry (MoEI), Ministry of Economy (MoE), Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime, Prime Minister's Office or PMO, Artificial Intelligence Office and Innovation Office, and The General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA/GARTS)

Publications & Results


This project was led by the Center for Technology in Government (CTG) in partnership with the Richard Kerby LLC, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Funding Sources

This project was funded by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).