The World Wide Web as a Universal Interface to Government Services

Anne DiCaterino and Theresa A. Pardo
Dec. 1, 1996


The World Wide Web has become an increasingly important way for people and organizations to communicate. The Internet Technology Testbed project examined the value of the Web for information seekers and information providers. CTG tested the feasibility of using the Web to deliver government services to citizens and conduct business among government agencies. The project team included government, academic, and corporate partners who together conducted a wide range of reviews and experiments within four service areas: information dissemination, business applications, group collaboration, and education and training. This project report describes the results of the research and includes case studies that show how the Web can be used for a national employment database, a Web-based purchasing system, online group collaboration meetings, and university coursework. 

In addition to the full report, you can also download an Overview in pdf.

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