Reviewing the Performance of ORMA's Voice Response System for Automated Business Permit Information: Integrating Technical, Cost-Based, and Customer-Oriented Evaluations of System Performance

Mark Giguere, Stephen Hyde, Kristine L. Kelly, Soonhee Kim, Mohammed Mojtahedzadeh, and John Rohrbaugh
March 1, 1995


This report presents the results of the Center for Technology in Government’s formal efforts to evaluate a New York State Office of Regulatory and Management Assistance (ORMA) prototype voice response system for automated business permit information.

This report has four specific objectives: (1) to review the original research objectives of the ORMA project as it was proposed by ORMA; (2) to document how those original and rather narrowly focused research objectives were eventually expanded to include a broader set of questions; (3) to summarize a multi-method research approach that has been used by CTG to evaluate this entire project; and (4) to present answers to each of the research questions posed. These answers draw from threads of investigation taken from the several methods that tested the overall research approach.

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