Dec. 1, 2013

20 years graphicOne of the most satisfying legacies of CTG’s first 20 years is our network of government and industry partners, researchers, and graduate students; they are an integral part of CTG’s story. Our accomplishments could not be acheived without these many individuals who participated in and supported our research and projects. We are honored that so many have taken the time to share with us best wishes and why CTG has been important to them. We look forward to many more years working with our existing partners and forging new relationships.

“The University at Albany is proud of the achievements of CTG and offers its congratulations to Theresa Pardo and her staff for 20 years of award winning research and service to governments here in New York State and throughout the world.”
—Robert J. Jones, President, University at Albany

“As someone who worked on Governor Mario Cuomo's senior staff, I was at the creation of CTG. In the Governor's 1993 State of the State Message, he noted that ... we must continue to adapt and refine our methods to take the best possible advantage of the latest technologies ... and he proposed the creation of a Center for Technology in Government to pursue creative ways of applying technologies directly to the practical problems of information management and service delivery in the public sector. Twenty years ago, that was an almost revolutionary vision for government--and that vision continues to serve CTG well today.”
—Ruth Walters, The Walters Group; former Deputy Comptroller, NYS Office of the State Comptroller and original member of CTG Advisory Committee

“Since the inception of Public CIO, the University at Albany's Center for Technology in Government (CTG) has been a frequent and welcome contributor. Created at the dawn of e-government, CTG has had front-row seats for the public sector's ongoing technology-powered transformation. But far from being a passive observer, the center has worked directly with hundreds of government organizations to implement innovative ideas and prove new concepts. Along the way, the CTG translated its experiences into best practices and practical guidance that have helped shape the state of the art for public CIOs.”
—Steve Towns, Editor, Public CIO

“For the last 20 years, CTG has been a pioneer in engaged scholarship and a reliable source of relevant research and policy advice on Electronic Government.” 
—Tomasz Janowski, Head, Center for Electronic Governance, United Nations University – International Institute for Software Technology (UNU-IIST)

“CTG and its wonderful staff have been at the forefront of action research that is transforming government and governance around the world. CTG advanced the field of e-government and e-democracy long before these were fields. CTG's combining of the scholarly and the practical is something we all aspire to emulate. Thanks to CTG's tireless efforts to bring awareness of innovation to government, these issues are now en vogue and opening up the possibility that we might yet evolve our institutions of governance for the better use of technology. Thank you, CTG, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”
—Beth Simone Noveck, Jacob K. Javits Visiting Professor, New York University

"SAP's long association with the Center for Technology in Government has been not only enlightening and beneficial -- but is a true partnership. We feel extremely fortunate to have had such a strong relationship with the innovative researchers and great team at CTG...and look forward to working with them for years to come.”
—Peg Kates, Global Lead, Internal Communications, Public Services & Healthcare SAP

“CTG has been an integral partner that has provided invaluable assistance to the City of Binghamton, as we advanced a series of reforms that will substantially improve our information management framework. Their recommendations proved to be the correct reforms needed to move our City further into the 21st Century. We congratulate them on the 20th anniversary of their organization.” 
—Matt Ryan, Mayor, City of Binghamton

"Congratulations on twenty years of outstanding public service. It’s not often that we see an innovative concept turn into a reality. What started as a volunteer project designed to help state government agencies use technology to improve operations and services became a full-fledged research center devoted solely to the public sector. It was our hope that the Center would be a unique place where public, private and academic interests could be shared and in some cases implemented. CTG has over achieved on all of our initial expectations. Best of luck in your future endeavors and keep doing what you’re doing because it works.”"
—Tom Donovan, President of the Donovan Technology Group and Founding Chair of the NYS Forum for Information Management (The Forum)

“When 'Digital Government' was new and everyone was trying to find out what it might mean, who would be involved, and even what it should be called, the CTG always projected a clear sense of mission and a polished way of going about its work. And over time, the leadership in scholarship and practice that CTG provides has continued to grow. New York is fortunate to have people with such expertise and passion to help smooth the adoption of new information technology and practice in the public sector.”
—Eduard Hovy, Associate Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon University Language Technologies Institute

“The Center for Technology in Government has proven to be an outstanding partner in studying technology deployments within Human Services, enabling other states to leverage the NYS mobility and foster care tracking experiences. The distinguishing approach employed by CTG staff analyzing the theoretical and operational aspects of the business challenges, justified continued financial investments delivering automation to underserved human services caseworkers.”
—William Travis, Human Services Cluster CIO NYS Information Technology Services

“CTG has been an outstanding partner throughout the last five years. Always responsive, they have provided thoughtful leadership in the areas of e-Government. When we needed advice as well, they are always willing to undertake special projects with results above our expectations.”
—Lorenzo Madrid, Consultant (formerly Director, Technology Office Strategy, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation)

“I crossed paths with CTG when I was the Senior Accountable Official for Open Government at the U.S. Department of Transportation, and I was so impressed with the level of competency and dedication to their mission that I could not help but partner with them as soon as I left government to take the open government cause globally. CTG personnel are among the brightest, most pragmatic academicians you will ever encounter! Working with them is a pleasure on so many fronts. They are smart, competent, collaborative, and affable people with a passion for public service. The world is a better place thanks to the work that they do! Happy anniversary, CTG!” 
—Giovanni Leusch-Carnaroli, Director, Global Public Sector Grant Thornton, LLP

“The participation of CTG to the Major Cities of Europe (MCE) annual conference and its cutting edge, independent experience in the US and globally has represented one of the most interesting contributions to the recent MCE conferences and debates. Sharing the experiences of CTG with Open Government Data, Big Data, and Making Cities Smarter has significantly enhanced the value of the discussions and exchange of experiences between cities from Europe, US, and globally. CTG has similarly enriched its knowledge of ICT innovation in Europe and established a network of new relationships across the Atlantic in parallel with MCE. CTG’s recent decision to become a member of MCE improves the value of the MCE and CTG partnership. New opportunities will burgeon now to further enhance the value proposition of the two organizations.”
—Giorgio Prister, President, Major Cities of Europe - IT Users Group

“It's been a great pleasure over the years to work with Sharon, Tony, Theresa, Donna, Derek, Jim, and the rest of the CTG team!”
—William (Bill) Johnson, Geographic Information Officer, NYS Office of Information Technology Services

“I was introduced to CTG in 2006. I felt from the first contact that I'll be working with friends and not only colleagues. A strong relationship has grown since the first meeting. I have had the opportunity to visit CTG four times and it was a great pleasure to meet with the team. They are all smart. CTG is an organization that produces new insights for governments. It is an international reference on innovation for governments. CTG is the international leader in e-Government research.”
—Sehl Mellouli, Professor, Laval University

“Collaborating with CTG staff has been very inspiring and enriching from both a professional and personal point of view.”
—Enrico Ferro, Head of Innovation Development, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB)

“I have been associated with CTG since its inception as a Faculty Fellow. CTG is a remarkable place for doing research on Information Technology related issues. CTG has developed a culture which nurtures, grows and sustains high quality research. Over the years, CTG has carefully invested in building the infrastructure (both hard and soft) that is necessary for creative people -- graduate students, faculty and researchers -- to work and produce exciting and high quality output.”
—Giri Kumar Tayi, Professor School of Business, University at Albany

“Sharon Dawes hired me to take the NYS Forum library room in the State Street office and create some kind of order out of the chaos of books, journals, and paper files. We ended up with a spreadsheet of materials, cataloged approximately by subject area. This was 1992 so the idea of finding all this stuff on the Internet had not yet happened. This library formed the intellectual basis for parts of CTG's development.”
—Deborah Lines Andersen, Associate Professor of Information Studies and Informatics College of Computing and Information, UAlbany

“The open environment at CTG fosters creativity and discussions resulting in a fantastic academic climate. At the same time the strong link to practice ensures new research directions that are relevant and actual. The warmness and friendliness at CTG are overwhelming.”
—Marijn Janssen, Professor in ICT & Governance Delft University of Technology

“Working with CTG staff always led to thought-provoking interactions and rewarding collaboration.” 
—Ignacio Martinez-Moyano, Argonne National Laboratory, Computational Social Scientist/Fellow, The University of Chicago