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Appendix B: XML Resources

Using XML for Web Site Management: An Executive Briefing on streamlining workflow, reducing costs, and enhancing organizational value
This executive briefing emphasizes the features that make XML an ideal strategy for preparing for the future, while achieving efficiencies today —open standard, reusability, and technologically neutral.

Using XML for Web Site Management: Getting Started Guide
This guide is based on CTG’s own experience converting its Web site to XML, along with the experiences of five New York State agencies who participated in CTG’s XML Testbed.

By using this guide, government agencies can gain new insights into how they can benefit from XML and develop strategies to address the technical and organizational issues to get started.

The XML Toolkit
The XML Toolkit provides resources, examples, and code for use in developing XML-based Web sites. It is based on lessons learned from CTG’s XML Testbed and the design and components of The XML Toolkit were developed in consultation with the Testbed team members.

The site, in addition to the code samples developed by CTG, includes numerous annotated links to other resources in the XML and Web design community. It is designed to be a user-friendly browsing arena for those interested in XML and is in compliance with NYS accessibility requirements for Web sites. CTG drew on its relationships and experience with XML over the past several years—from vendors to users to industry experts—in building this site. It is intended to be a “living” Web site with regular updates and additions, and is to grow over time and benefit from the contributions of the online community.

Return on Investment In Information Technology: A Guide for Managers
New information technology (IT) systems are serious, and potentially risky, investments for government agencies and nonprofit organizations. This guide is designed to help public sector managers better understand how a return on investment (ROI) analysis can take some of that risk out of their next IT investment.

The guide contains a detailed case study illustrating the benefits achieved by CTG in its own experience converting its Web site to XML.