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Who should read this report

This report details the key benefits and barriers regarding the use of XML for Web site management within the framework of the lessons learned during the Center for Technology’s (CTG) XML Testbed.

Project managers, Webmasters, public information officers, program managers, and anyone involved in getting information to the Web site will find value in the findings presented in this report. It is not a technical how-to on the intricacies of XML; it is an explanation of how the adoption of XML in the cases cited here affected business processes, workflow, content management, and public image.

This report is part of a suite of resources (see Appendix B) produced from the XML Testbed. Each of these resources has its own focus and target audience, but they should be considered as a whole to gain a full picture of how using XML for Web site management can impact an organization. The other resources are:
  • Using XML for Web Site Management: Getting Started Guide
  • Using XML for Web Site Management: An Executive Briefing on streamlining workflow, reducing costs, and enhancing organizational value
  • The XML Toolkit