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Using XML for Web Site Management: An Executive Briefing on streamlining workflow, reducing costs, and enhancing organizational value

Making it Happen

Many of the new directions and developments on the Web have a basis in XML, which is becoming a critical technology for all types of information services. The features of XML that have been emphasized throughout this Executive Briefing — open standard, reusability, technologically neutral — make it an ideal strategy for preparing for the future, while achieving efficiencies today.

Executives have an organization-wide perspective on their Web sites. By developing an understanding of XML, they can make better decisions that lead to the benefits outlined in this briefing. The key is to create an environment in which adoption and implementation of XML for Web site management is seriously examined and integrated into an organization’s strategic plan.

Additional Resources

This Executive Briefing is one component in a suite of publications and resources that CTG has produced as guides for the use of XML in Web site management. The other components, referenced below, provide a more in-depth look at the organizational, technical, and business implications of using XML and are directed specifically to the management and staff involved in these areas. Refer to these additional resources for more information:
  • For further details on how to begin adoption and implementation of XML for Web site management, see Using XML for Web Site Management: Getting Started Guide ( publications/guides/xml_getting_started).
  • For more technical tips and resources, see The XML Toolkit (, a Web site containing a library of XML resources, including detailed examples for implementing XML in any Web environment.
  • For additional information on how adopting an XML-based Web site provided a good return on investment to CTG, see Return on Investment in Information Technology: A Guide for Managers (