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Chapter Three: Prospects and Recommendations for the Future

This study looked at the World Trade Center response and recovery process through the lenses of information, technology, and the people and organizations who used them to address a massive urban emergency. The interviews gathered first-person accounts of activities, decisions, problems and solutions from 29 representatives of city, state, and federal government agencies, private businesses, and nonprofit service organizations. This final section distills their experiences and advice into seven areas for future action that can enhance the prospects for long term learning and improvement in the structures and functions of government, businesses, and civic organizations. The main recommendations are listed below.
  • Build enterprise thinking and action into mainstream programs and systems
  • Invest in information quality
  • Educate policy makers about the limitations and benefits of IT
  • Plan comprehensively for business continuity
  • Emphasize workforce planning
  • Make selective investments in quick community mobilization
  • Understand community capacities and limitations