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Throughout the entire Prototype project, 80 individuals from all 5 regions of New York State, representing 8 state agencies, 9 counties, 9 cities, 18 towns, 2 universities, 2 professional organizations, and 4 private sector companies participated as Prototype Team Members, Advisory Committee Members, Field Testers, and Corporate Partners. These groups worked together as collaborative partners to conceptualize, design, develop, and evaluate the Prototype.

Selection of the Prototype Team

The Prototype Team, made up of state and local officials, was formed in the process of selecting specific business applications to test in the Prototype (see Appendix 1 for full list of Prototype Team Members). Each application was specific to a programmatic area and needed representation from both state and local government professionals to develop the application. In addition to the Gateway (described further on page 13), the other applications included dog licensing, a parcel transfer reporting verification check, and a repository of contact information about government officials.

After the Prototype Team was established, it was divided into subgroups to develop the selected applications. These groups consisted of people whose daily job functions included portions of the business processes to be developed. Twenty-nine state and local government professionals participated on the Prototype Team and each provided specialized knowledge and expertise over a 21 month period.