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Appendix C. Background papers

In preparation for the workshop activities, we issued a Call for Papers to researchers and government practitioners for background papers addressing the themes of the workshop. The organizing committee selected the following papers to provide a backdrop for the workshop activities. All papers are available on the Workshop Web Site at http://

G. Scott Aikens, "Nexus: The Policy and Ideas Network: A Case Study" [ ]

Janet Cichelli, "Designing Government Systems for Day- One Job Performance" [ ]

Ernie Dornfeld, "City of Seattle Legislative and Historical Information on the Internet: A Case Study for Citizen Access" [ ]

Brian Ellis, "Securing State and Local Government Web Sites Using Digital Certification Authority and Repository Services" [ ]

Michael B. Fraser and John Boyer, "Electronic Permits for Government in the 21st Century" [ ]

J. Gangolly, S.S. Ravi, D.J. Rosenkrantz, and G. Tayi, "Temporal Reconstruction of Authoritative Text in Legal, Accounting, and Regulatory Domains" [ ]

Alice Hart, "Government and Technology: A Case History of the Pitfalls of Working with Enterprise Community Based Organizations" [ ]

Mark Hedges, "Anonymity in Internet Voting" [ ]

Richard Heeks, "Successful Approaches to Information Age Reform" [ ]

Richard Heeks, "Reinventing Government in the Information Age: Explaining Success and Failure" [ ]

Helene Heller, "Delivering Services Online: How to Manage Culture Change in Government Use of the Web" [ ]

Ajit Kambil and Mark Ginsburg, "Public Access Web Information Systems: Lessons from the Internet EDGAR project" [ ]

David Landsbergen and George Wolken, "Eliminating Legal and Policy Barriers to Interoperable Government Systems: Phase I: Policy Barriers" [ ]

Rick Moore, "Information Needs Assessment Project" [ ]

John O'Looney, "Identifying Opportunities for Effective Cross-Agency Electronic Services Delivery: Spanning the Gap Between Consumers' Needs and the Real Prospects for System Integration and Success" [ ]

Priscilla Regan, "Privacy and Intelligent Transportation Systems: Results of a National Public Opinion Study and Insights from Investigations of Pilot Projects" [ ]

Gary Stoneburner, "Common Barriers to IT Security" [ ]

Eswaran Subrahmanian and James Garrett, "Two Experiences in Digital Government" [ ]