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Executive Summary

Implications for Business Case Development

  • Need to tailor strategy to the time and place, to each jurisdiction’s unique problems and opportunities, stakeholders, and interests and goals.
  • Importance of buy-in, which depends on careful attention to interests and incentives, and understanding of the players’ needs and objectives.
  • Strategies for building grass roots support, including how to develop persuasive presentations and print materials, and how to elicit information about interests and needs from potential participants.
  • Importance of planning requires case materials to include tools and examples of plans and planning techniques used effectively in other initiatives, and descriptions of planning and strategy-making tools.
  • Federal role in funding has been important, so the business case materials should contain information and tools to support requests for Federal funds.
  • Organizing the pitch will require basic marketing and selling techniques, such as concepts and methods for understanding the potential market and the customer, discovering needs and preferences, and effective communication and persuasion.