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The “single window of government,” i.e. the one-stop shop, was first conceived in New Brunswick in response to citizen dissatisfaction with service quality. In the “single window of government” pilot, a number of advisory committees were created to design approaches to identifying customer needs and monitoring customer satisfaction. The value that citizens play in this process was validated in the pilot and their role was institutionalized from that point forward.

The pilot project proved the potential of the “single window of government” strategy for reducing costs and improving services. It also confirmed the value of the inclusion of citizens and other stakeholders in the ongoing process of needs identification and performance measurement. The vision for SNB was secured at this point - improved services for citizens through a highly transparent and citizen driven, financially self-sustaining, multi-channel service delivery model.

Initially the vision of SNB was clearer than the operating policies. The years since then have produced a highly refined and effective set of operating principles and policies framed in this vision. Creating an organization that would systematically listen to stakeholders, deliver public value and be financially sustainable was the task they faced. A number of key decisions along the way showed that the SNB visionaries, and those they would attract by their vision, were up to the task.