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The development of this white paper was made possible with funding from SAP, a provider of enterprise software for the public sector. We would like to thank Peg Kates, Liz McGowan, and Russ LeFevre from SAP for their interest and excitement. We would also like to thank Ashley Casovan, Sanjay Punjabi, Laurie Bowe, and Steve Aguiar from the City of Edmonton and Niels Hansen from Agilite Software for taking the time to tell us the story of the release of street construction projects data.

The Center for Technology in Government, University at Albany would also like to thank the government, academic, and industry experts who participated in the Center’s June 26-27, 2012 Open Government Consultative Workshop. Their valuable insights and suggestions on a preliminary draft of this paper were incorporated into the final version. The workshop participants are listed below.

Mr. Brian Burke
Senior Program Associate, Center for Technology in Government

Ms. Ashley Casovan
CIO, City of Edmonton

Dr. Daniel Chan
Acting CIO, New York State Office of Technology

Ms. Meghan Cook
Program Manager, Center for Technology in Government

Dr. Anthony Cresswell
Senior Fellow, Center for Technology in Government

Dr. Sharon Dawes
Senior Fellow, Center for technology in Government

Dr. James Dias
Vice President for Research, University at Albany

Mr. Dominic DiFranzo
Doctoral Student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mr. Christopher Frence
NYS Account Manager, Esri

Mr. Joel Gurin
Chair, White House Task Force on Smart Disclosure and Senior Consumer advisor, US Federal Communications Commissions

Dr. Teresa Harrison
Professor, University at Albany

Mr. Josiah Heidt, Esq.
2011-2012 e-Government Fellow Cornell eRulemaking Initiative Cornell Law School

Dr. Natalie Helbig
Senior Program Associate, Center for Technology in Government

Ms. Peg Kates
Director, Public Services Division, SAP

Mr. Satish Khorana
Deputy Director, Integrated Applications and Knowledge management support Division of IT Solutions &Services, UNICEF

Ms. Ulrike Kleifeld
Global Operations Lead Industry Solution Management Public Services, SAP

Dr. Chris Koliba
Associate Professor, University of Vermont

Mr. Russ LeFevre
Vice President, Industry Marketing Public Services, SAP

Mr. Giovanni Leusch-Carnaroli
Director, Global Public Sector Grant Thornton, LLP

Dr. Marie Anne Macadar
Associate Professor, The Pontical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Ms. Elizabeth McGowan
Director, Industry Solutions Management Public Services, SAP

Dr. Jacqueline Merril
Director Laboratory for Informatics, Complexity and Organizational Study Columbia University

Mr. Manabu Nakashima
Doctoral Student Center for Technology in Government University at Albany, SUNY

Dr. Theresa Pardo
Director, Center for Technology in Government

Mr. Stephen Walker
Senior Director, Information Management Division Treasury Board Secretariat, Government of Canada