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Gap Analysis


The two surveys provided a great deal of detailed information about current skill proficiencies, training need, and future forecasts for skills. We combined these three kinds of information with a fourth – the New York State IT Enterprise Architecture Principles which identifies key elements of the State’s IT strategy.

Using all these sets of information, we “triangulated” on the skills and competencies that represent strong convergence among low proficiency ratings, high training demand, forecasted growth, and strategic importance. At the statewide level, the skills that emerged from this analysis fall almost entirely in the competency areas of infrastructure, web computing, and management and use of information as an asset. Two management skills, business continuity planning and IT risk assessment, also emerged. No appreciable gap was evident for the high-proficiency competency areas of systems and databases, technical support services, or legacy technologies. When the gap analysis was performed for individual job specialties, the same strong patterns were evident, although each specialty included a set of additional skills relevant to its work content.