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Training Demand


In addition to rating their personal level of proficiency on 126 skills associated with IT work, New York State IT employees also rated their need for training in each skill. Respondents reported whether they needed training in each skill and, if so, at what level. Choices included basic, intermediate, and advanced training levels. Overall, the greatest demand for training occurs among management skills, followed by skills associated with the Web and with security functions. Strong demand is also present for skills associated with system design and development and networking. Lesser demand is present for information analysis skills followed by operations support and mainframe-oriented technologies. Among the top 25 skills for training demand, eleven are general management skills.

There is little difference among patterns of training demand associated with agency size, grade level or education. As would be expected, different grade levels tend to have different demands for the number and type of skills. The different specialty areas tended to align their training needs with the skills associated with their specialties.