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Skill Proficiency Ratings


New York State IT employees reported their personal level of proficiency in 126 skills associated with IT work in state government. (All the skills are listed in alphabetical order in Appendix C). Proficiency was rated by choosing one level from a five-point scale ranging from “none” to “expert.” Overall, the greatest proficiency is concentrated in management skills, system design and development skills, technical support skills, and legacy technologies. Among the top 25 skills, eleven are general management skills such as oral and written communication and supervisory skills. Lower overall proficiency is associated with networking, web-based services, security, and information analysis and use. No skills in these areas appeared in the top 25.

There is little difference among proficiency rating patterns associated with agency size, grade level, or education. However, younger employees tend to have higher proficiency ratings in newer technical skills such as those associated with the Web, while older workers have higher proficiency ratings in management and traditional technical skills such as those associated with system design and development. The most striking differences are associated with job specialties. Within each specialty area, high proficiency exists in a number of skills appropriate to the specialty.