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Public-Private Collaborations

Bringing e-government to state residents (US)

Access Indiana

The Access Indiana Information Network (AIIN) is a self-funding, state-owned, state-regulated network operated by a private partner, Indiana Interactive, Inc. The private partner provided the initial startup capital as well as a consumer-oriented, market- driven approach which was instrumental to the success of the network. Access Indiana’s policies, design, and interactive services were determined by task forces comprised of state agencies, professional associations, businesses and citizens. Access Indiana contains approximately 100,000 pages of government information from more than 75 state agencies, departments, and commissions, the judiciary, and the legislative branch. Most of the information and services on the network are available to the public at no cost. Only those services that have a commercial value, such as drivers’ records, vehicle titles, or health professional licenses include a fee. These fees are the source of revenue that supports the network.