New Models of Collaboration: An Overview


Exploring new models of collaboration

The Keys to Success

The Case Studies

Types of Collaboration

Types of Government Service Offered

Public-Public Collaborations

Public-Nonprofit Collaborations

Public-Private Collaborations

Research Partners

New Models of Collaboration: An Overview
Fri, 01 Oct 2004

Governments around the world are experimenting with public service delivery systems that rely on cross-boundary collaboration among government agencies or between government and the private and non-profit sectors. This Overview summarizes a more complete guide that presents the success factors and case studies for 12 collaborations from around the globe.
* This material is based upon work supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. EIA-99832. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.