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An Extended Assessment

Previous pilot and demonstration assessments have established a solid foundation of information to support a reasonably clear picture of the short term impacts of deploying and using laptops in CPS work. However, both OCFS and CTG recognized the need to learn more about the long term impacts and conditions necessary for statewide deployment.

The three LDSS chosen to participate in this assessment were: NYC ACS, Onondaga County, and Wayne County. These LDSS were selected based on the length of time caseworkers had to use laptops, geographical area, favorable policy and management setting, and connectivity capability. Two data collection periods, a pre-test period and a test period, were contrasted to illustrate changes from the first data collection period to this second data collection period. For information about the data collection periods and the data collection methodology, see Appendix A.

This extended assessment, therefore, builds upon the already strong foundation of knowledge generated in the previous assessments, but focuses more narrowly on three LDSS that have long term laptop experience. In order to learn more about how laptops are integrated into CPS work, the assessment examines findings on use, mobility, productivity, and satisfaction. This report concludes with observations that shed light on concrete strategies which can assist LDSS in maximizing all current and future mobile technology investments.