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Public Management

Bozeman (1993) indicates that the discipline of public management is comprised of such issues as strategy, interorganizational relations, and the intersection of public policy and management and includes the implications of technological innovation. Information technology issues in public management are well represented in the literature. As previously discussed, government is a collector, user, and disseminator of information. Information technology tools, in conjunction with reengineering or process improvement, can increase productivity and reduce the cost of government while improving the quality of services. Many factors influence the degree to which these types of benefits are realized. The following public management issues have been identified from the preliminary review:
  • Information as a government resource
  • Process improvement and reengineering
  • Strategic information resource management in government
  • Information resource management and information technology issues in local government
  • Hiring and maintaining an IT-skilled workforce
  • Government information systems
  • Government publishing
  • Budgeting for IT resources
  • Evaluating government information systems
  • Factors that affect the use and effectiveness of information and information technology
  • Procurement
  • Use of specific technologies