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Government IT Research from a programmatic perspective

Much of the identified research is focused on specific government program areas. The following programmatic areas have been identified based on the preliminary review:
  • Economic Development and Commerce
  • Public Safety
  • Health and Human Services
  • Environment and Natural Resources

Economic Development

The information technology industry represents an increasingly larger proportion of the world economy. Government policies that affect the use and development of information technology products and services can have substantial impacts on national and sub-national economies. Information is a critical resource in assessing economic conditions and in policy and decision making. Additionally government organizations collect, process, and disseminate critical information and forecasts that drive the decisions of economic agents.

Accurate, timely, and comprehensive information is required to support economic development decision and policy making at all levels of government. Additionally, appropriate information must be identified and used to evaluate the effectiveness of policies and decisions. Many argue that development decisions have traditionally been made without sufficient consideration of environmental and social effects. The concept and principles of sustainable development have been promoted to more effectively account for environmental and social factors in economic development decision making Brundtland (1987). Kelly (forthcoming) indicates that identifying policies and programs to support sustainable development requires the integration of information about economic, environmental, and social factors. She suggests a systems approach to identifying decisive information for sustainable development policy and decision making and argues that such an approach supports the identification of causal linkages and feedback among the types of factors, an increased understanding of the effects of policy scenarios, and an increased capability in the necessary communication across disciplines.