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Survey Respondent Demographics and Experiences with CBI Initiatives

According to responses related to demographic questions, the mean age of survey respondents was 52 and the number of male respondents is slightly higher than female respondents. Respondents reported an average of 11 years of experience with CBI initiatives and had participated in an average of seven initiatives during their careers. On average, respondents spent 14 hours per week working on such initiatives. Nearly half of the respondents identified themselves as having a leadership role in the initiative.
  • Survey respondents ranged in age from about 30 to 80 (year of birth 1928 through 1978), with the average age being 52. While 58% of respondents were male, 42% were female.

  • When examining the overall number of years of work experience, respondents had almost 26 years on average. Looking specifically at previous experience working on CBI initiatives, respondents had an average of 11 years of experience. In addition, respondents were involved in an average of 7 initiatives, with 66% of the respondents indicating involvement in 5 or fewer initiatives.

  • While 37% of respondents were engaged in their initiative as a project team member, 30% took part as a project manager. 17% of respondents were sponsors of their initiative and 8% were users.

  • Nearly half of all respondents (47%) reported that they were involved in some sort of leadership role in the initiative, either as an executive sponsor or as a project manager.

  • Breaking down the initiatives into different phases, there was a fairly even spread among respondents involved in problem identification/planning (22%), development/design (24%), and implementation/use (24%). About 17% indicated that they were involved in all phases from start to finish. 6% of respondents indicated “Other,” which includes the activities of monitoring, evaluation, and education.

  • Respondents worked an average of 14 hours per week on their initiative. 42% reported that they worked 5 hours or less per week on their initiative.