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5. Future Digital Government Publishing Strategies

The survey investigated three strategies for publishing DG research: creating a new journal dedicated to DG research, submitting individual DG articles to existing journals, or organizing special DG issues or symposia in existing journals. As individuals, respondents gave roughly equal support to two of these publication strategies: creating a new dedicated DG journal and promoting DG research in existing journals through DG special issues.

Willingness to submit digital government articles

Nearly nine in ten respondents (88 percent) were willing to respond to calls for DG special issues in existing journals. If a new journal were created, again nearly nine in ten (88 percent) were willing to submit their work to it. When asked if they would submit their best work, this figure declined to 76 percent. Although the survey did not ask respondents to indicate their tenure status, the comments suggest there might be such an effect at work. Some respondents said in the comments that they would need to publish their best work in their disciplinary journals in order to attain tenure.