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The New York State-Local Internet Gateway Prototype Project: Current Practice Research


This current practice report represents a snap shot in time of a sampling of G2G IT initiatives in the United States. Certainly in the time since gathering this data, new programs were introduced and existing programs were expanded, maintained, stalled, or abandoned. The concept of coordinating and integrating intergovernmental business across boundaries and programmatic areas is still new and many states are only now embarking on those initiatives. As the need continues for a more coordinated way of working, many will begin to establish principles to guide them through the inevitable complexity.

Of the efforts examined, we found little evidence of cross-programmatic statewide initiatives. Further, we learned that there are few measures or attempts to measure effectiveness or degree of success. We did not probe deeply enough into any initiative to gather information on the true costs incurred by all entities involved with these initiatives and no one we interviewed indicated that full cost information was gathered or available.

Interviewees talked about the difficulties and struggle to overcome obstacles, yet every person said that their project was worth the effort. As complicated and obstacle-ridden as some projects became, most said that once things got underway, staff started to feel good about doing something new. Others made the point that once a new system was in place it was easy to expand to include other applications. Making a useful start seemed to be a key to continued G2G efforts and commitment.