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Appendix D: Summary of District Teleconferences

Assessing Mobile Technologies in Child Protective Services
A Demonstration Project

Summary of Information Gathered in the District Teleconferences


During the week of December 10-14, 2007, CTG held separate teleconferences with project participants in ten Local Social Service Districts participating in the Demonstration Project to learn more about how they were using the laptops and tablets deployed for CPS work (see Appendix C for district information). All districts participating in the teleconferences are part of the NYS OCFS Mobile Technology Demonstration Project and were chosen by CTG and NYS OCFS liaisons. Criteria for choosing the districts included:
  • How long they had the technologies in use (those with more time with the devices were given higher priority)
  • A selection of districts that provided a full range of geographical representation across the state, in terms of rural and urban settings and overall size.
Each district participated in one teleconference with CTG interviewers. All participants were given sample questions before the teleconferences, which dealt with deployment, connectivity, use and location, changes in work, issues/concerns, policy implications, and overall benefits of laptop use.