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Chapter 4: Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity and efficiency

We used CONNECTIONS system data and survey responses to examine three core questions about possible technology impacts: (1) Are workers more productive with respect to progress notes and reporting? (2) Does timeliness of reporting change? and (3) Does technology use affect the kinds of reporting activities undertaken or the type of work done? The goal is to trace possible technology impacts on the productivity, timeliness and work flow for documentation.

The evidence presented in this section suggest modest improvements in productivity attributable to laptop use, and less noticeable improvements in timeliness of documentation and work product changes. The small improvements in timeliness may be simply a consequence of limited room for improvement, since overall timeliness of documentation by these testers prior to laptop deployment was good. Also, some factors affecting timeliness, may not be amenable to technology impacts (e.g., overtime policy, management practices).