Assessing Mobile Technologies in Child Protective Services



Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction and Project Overview

Chapter 2: Factors that Shape the Laptop Experience

Chapter 3: Mobility and Use

Chapter 4: Productivity and Efficiency

Chapter 5: User Satisfaction

Chapter 6: Recommendations and Future Considerations

APPENDIX A: The Center for Technology in Government (CTG)


APPENDIX C: Data Collection Tools

Assessing Mobile Technologies in Child Protective Services: An Extended Pilot in New York City's Administration for Children's Services
Mon, 07 Jan 2008
Meghan E. Cook, Anthony M. Cresswell, Natalie Helbig, Jana L. Hrdinová, Fawzi H. Mulki, and Bahadir K. Akcam
This assessment report was done under contract with the NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) and in conjunction with the NYC Administration for Children Services (ACS).
This project involved a large scale deployment of wireless laptops to CPS workers in New York City's ACS. The pilot ran from August – October 2007 and involved approximately 135 child protective services workers and supervisors in the Staten Island and Williams Street (Manhattan) offices. The report shows the complexity of deploying technology into a well established profession. The study focused on mobility, productivity, and satisfaction, and includes a set of recommendations and future considerations.