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APPENDIX C: List of Survey Categories

The following broad categories and bulleted details represent the type of data collected by the different survey instruments. Not all Local District survey instruments addressed each area. Participants were asked to provide information on work activities, impacts on job performance and stress, the technical and use characteristics of the technology, as well as their overall opinion about the technology(ies)

Types of Work Activities and Use
  • What activities are people using mobile technologies to do?
  • Location of use/mobile technology
  • Whether they used the mobile technology or not
Technical Characteristics
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Readability of screen
  • Size of device
  • Weight of device
  • Portability of device
  • Battery life of device
  • Durability of device
Interaction and Use Characteristics
  • Functionality of device
  • Ease of use of device
  • Speed of entering/inputting/dictating progress notes with device
  • Comfort level with device
Technical problems encountered with device
  • General Impacts
  • Job stress
  • Efficiency
Quality of work with device
  • Frequency of working at home
  • Frequency of overtime work
  • Time savings experienced with device
Impacts on Progress Notes
  • Indication of the length of progress notes
  • Indication of how complete and detailed the progress notes are
  • How up-to-date progress notes are
Opinion about the mobility of work
  • Location of where progress notes were prepared and entered – office or field
  • Dictation of progress notes in Spanish
Overall Assessment of Mobile Technologies
  • Opinion about the continued use of the mobile technologies in the field
  • Opinion about the satisfaction experienced with the device
  • Opinion about recommending the mobile technologies to coworkers
  • Technical attitude
  • Overall assessment