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This paper and the project it is based on—Public ROI: Advancing Return on Investment Analysis for Government IT—was made possible with funding and guidance from SAP, a provider of enterprise software for the public sector. In particular, we would like to thank Russ LeFevre and Peg Kates, who have been partners from the very beginning of this work, and special thanks to Tom Shirk, Ingo Hoffman, Rod Massey, Ian Swann, Mor Sagmon, Carsten Friedland, Alex Bratzler, and Bonnie Rothenstein.

Several members of the Center for Technology in Government staff made many important contributions to this white paper and the overall project: Sharon Dawes, Jane Krumm- Schwan, Alison Heaphy, Paula Hauser, and Lucy Dadayan.

Finally, this white paper and the case study reports depended on the enthusiastic participation of many government officials from the five case study sites. In particular, we would like to thank Christian Ihle from the Ministry of Finance in Austria, Adam Jansen from the Washington State Digital Archives, Ronny Jacobowitz and Yitshak Cohen from the Merkava Project in Israel, Andy McIntyre from the Integrated Enterprise System in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Darrell Fowler from Service New Brunswick in Canada. We thank them for their generous hospitality and commitment in helping us conduct our site visits and creating this resource for improving government IT investments.