Metropolitan Information Exchange: Selected Priorities and Challenges (2018)

Meghan Cook, Program Director
Dec. 3, 2018


The Metropolitan Information Exchange (MIX) is a tight-knit membership community of Chief Information Officers and Information Technology Directors from cities and counties across the United States who engage in open and frequent dialog around common issues.  

Although MIX members come from every size jurisdiction throughout the United States with varying organizational structures, governing bodies, and available resources, they experience many of the same competing priorities and challenges.  

Each year MIX members convene for a four-day conference in a different U.S. city. 

This year they met in Scottsdale Arizona, from September 23-27, to discuss a range of topics. 

CTG UAlbany Program Director Meghan Cook facilitated workshops among the members to discuss priorities and challenges they face. 

This summary presents the ideas discussed.