Investigating Blockchain as a Data Management Tool for IoT Devices in Smart City Initiatives

Lingjun Fan, Brian Burke, J.Ramon Gil-Garcia, Xuehai Hong, Derek Werthmuller
June 6, 2018


This poster describes an ongoing research project that builds an IoT data management experimental environment based on Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts.

The goal of the project is to simulate the application of IoT devices in smart city initiatives, and explore how IoT data management could benefit from Blockchain technology.

In this project, there are three basic questions we are attempting to answer:

1) How do you link various kinds of IoT devices to the Blockchain, as they have different computing capabilities?

2) How do you store data on Blockchain from different IoT devices, and retrieve data for further utilization?

3) To what extent, smart contracts can be designed to implement automated data access management?