Exploring the Influence of Contextual Distances on Transnational Public Sector Knowledge Networks: A Comparative Study of AIRNow-I Shanghai and the Hajj-MDSS Initiatives

Mohammed A. Gharawi and Sharon S. Dawes
Jan. 9, 2013


Proceedings of the 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 2013, Wed, 09 Jan 2013. 

Transnational public sector knowledge networks (TPSKNs) are becoming crucial for addressing global problems in the environment, public health and other areas that require knowledge and information sharing among nations. This paper explores and compares a set of contextual distances that separate network participants and discusses their influence on network success. Based on previous research, we introduce nine contextual distances and compare and discuss their influence on two cases. We conclude with a discussion of the findings and suggestions for future research on knowledge and information sharing across national and cultural boundaries.

[Winner Best Paper Award in eGovernment Track, HICSS46]

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