Knowledge and Information Sharing in Transnational Knowledge Networks: A Contextual Perspective

Sharon S. Dawes, Mohammed A. Gharawi, and Brian Burke
Feb. 15, 2011


Proceedings of the 44th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 2011, Tue, 15 Feb 2011.

As government agencies increasingly collaborate with international counterparts on critical global issues, transnational knowledge and information sharing grow in importance. This paper explores the nature of Transnational Knowledge Networks (TKNs) and identifies critical contextual factors that hinder or enhance their performance. We explore a set of contextual distances that separate the participating organizations and discuss their potential influence on the success of TKNs. The paper concludes with a conceptual framework and a set of testable hypotheses to guide the next phase of our research in understanding knowledge and information sharing across national and cultural boundaries.

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