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Get involved in the on-line community.

Share questions and answers with others who are doing the same work you are doing-- they are facing, and sometimes solving, the very same problems that confront you. We recommend two ways to do this. First, subscribe to listservs or news groups that focus on WWW development and management and, second, read print and on-line magazines devoted to the use of the Internet. Some recommendations:

  • GovPub Listserv
    A listserv is a tool for having discussions among large numbers of people through electronic mail. The purpose of the GovPub listserv is to provide an open discussion forum for state and local providers of public information and others who care about getting local and state government information to the people in digital formats. The list discussion covers such topics as content decisions, design issues, management of Web services, financing these services, marketing, and technical topics. The archives of the GovPub listserv can be found on the World Wide Web at [ Dead Link ]
    To participate, go to, or send an email letter to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU. Leave the subject blank, and write {subscribe govpub yourfirstname yourlastname} in the body text of the message. You will receive confirmation by return email along with instructions about how to participate.

  • WebMaster Magazine
    You can find many magazines and other trade publications on the WWW. One of our favorites is
    WebBusiness Magazine It is loaded with articles, features, tools, links, and on-line seminars that should be useful to anyone who has the daunting responsibility to design, build, or manage a Web site.