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Learn to be a WWW author by investigating on-line tutorials.

Website development and all that this implies, is one of the most widely covered topics on the Internet. Websites from every walk of life offer comprehensive tutorials on subjects ranging from HTML to JAVA; VRML to video. Finding an intuitive, full-featured tutorial is no easy task. You need to distinguish a robust and well organized tutorial, from one that does not engage you in the learning process.

Your search for a tutorial should start with a search engine. Don't limit your searches to only one 'string' of searchable information (e.g., these two examples will yield you very different results: "tutorial" +html or "html" +tutorial). Query the results of your search while keeping several things in mind:

  • Look for a tutorial in Websites that have a clear purpose. Universities and corporations are often good sources of information.
  • A tutorial should be easy to navigate and never leave you stranded.
  • The tutorial should be progressive in content, and present good mechanisms for study and implementation following the lessons.

We especially like a tutorial called "Writing HTML, a tutorial for creating WWW pages," created by the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction. We used this tutorial as part of a workshop in our Internet Services Testbed. It meets all of the criteria mentioned above, and was chosen as the best tutorial from among the forty that were screened for this event. All feedback we've received about this tutorial has been very positive.