A WWW Starter Kit


So you want to "be on the Internet."

Okay. First things first.

What are others doing?

How do you start designing a WWW site?

Learn to be a WWW author by investigating on-line tutorials.

Get involved in the on-line community.

Think about the government policies that should be reflected in your Web site.

Enjoy the work & stay in touch.

About the Center for Technology in Government.

A WWW Starter Kit
Mon, 01 Apr 1996

Being on the Internet can mean many different things. For most government organizations, it means creating a World Wide Web site, but it might also entail e-mail, gopher servers, news groups and a host of other ways to communicate, share information, and deliver services electronically. This World Wide Web Starter Kit is based on CTG's experiences with a project we call the Internet Services Testbed. By working with seven state and local agencies to develop Web sites for their particular programs and customers, CTG has learned a lot about how to approach this fascinating, powerful, and ever-changing technology. This starter kit won't put you in the WWW business overnight. In fact, it lacks many of the technical tools that you will need to accomplish that goal. Instead, it helps you begin the process without having to reinvent the wheel.