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APPENDIX B: Table of Social Media Policies and Guidelines (State and Local)

Type of Policy
Online Location of Policy
California (policy guidelines for agencies)
SIMM 66B Social Media Standard
Delaware (policy and guidelines)
Social Media Policy
Massachusetts (guidelines)
Social Media Toolkits
North Carolina (policy)
Social Media Policy (Governor approved)
Utah (guidelines)
Social Media Guidelines
Arlington County, Virginia (guidelines)
Social Media Policy and Guidelines (This policy is all about open communication)
Arvada, Colorado (policy)
Social Media Policy
Chandler, Arizona (policy)
Media/Social Networking Administrative Regulation
Fairfax County, Virginia (policy)
Social Media Policy
Hampton, Virginia (Policy with attached guidelines)
Social Media Policy
Roanoke County, Virginia (policy)
Roanoke County Social Media Policy
Seattle, Washington (policy)
Blogging Policy
Seattle, Washington (policy)
Social Media Use Policy
Wake County (guidelines)
Web 2.0 Guidelines for use