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APPENDIX B: Table of Social Media Policies and Guidelines (International and Federal)

Type of Policy
Online Location of Policy
Australian Public Service Commission (policy)
Protocols for Online Media Participation
New Zealand State Services Commission (brief guidelines)
Principles for Interaction with Social Media
UK Civil Service (guidelines)
Code for Online Participation
UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (policy and guidelines)
Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments
Air Force (policy and guidelines)
New Media and Web 2.0 Guidance
Federal CIO Council (guidelines)
Guidelines for Secure Use of Social Media by Federal Departments and Agencies 
General Services Administration (policy)
Agency Social Media Policy
General Services Administration (policy and guidelines)
Agency social media handbook
Navy (memo)
Web 2.0 Utilizing New Web Tools
US Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District (guidelines)
Social Media User Guidelines
US Coast Guard (memo)
Social Media
US EPA (guidelines)
Blogging at EPA for Greenversations