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Identification of system features and functionality

In this and the following two chapters, we present a specific framework for making WWW investment decisions. Although this framework consists of several tools and should be considered a holistic suite. However, each may be used individually for specific purposes, or may be modified to suit unique circumstances.

The first step in making the decision is to be as explicit as possible about the features and functionality of the Web-based services that you plan to deliver. There are many ways to identify service objectives. Although you probably will not need to have every last detail worked out, there are some important questions about system features and functionality for which you should have clear and ready answers:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What information-based services will you provide?
  • How will customers get access to these services?
  • What will customers be able to do?
  • What system features will be included?
  • What internal and external information sources must be coordinated?
  • What security and confidentiality measures must be implemented?
  • What activities will be outsourced?

The methods described in Developing & Delivering Government Services on the World Wide Web: Recommended Practices for New York State can be used to help find answers to these questions.