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Executive Summary

No organization should embark on the creation of a World Wide Web site or a Web service without understanding the costs and performance issues of such efforts. Because they lack experience with building such a service, many organizations have decided to build Web sites without really understanding these issues. As a consequence, many organizations construct Web sites that are incomplete, don't meet the organization's goals, or are more expensive than expected to develop and maintain.

This guide was created to help organizations create Web sites that meet their needs, at a cost that they can estimate in advance. Through a structured process, the reader is guided toward a bette r understanding of the cost and performance factors involved in creating a Web service, and in maintaining an effective presence on the World Wide Web.

This guide is a product of CTG's Internet Services Testbed, and builds on the experience of seven organizations who developed Web services as part of that project. The guide addresses many of the factors relevant to conducting an effective effort, including defining service goals, evaluating infrastructure needs, and estimating the human resources required to sustain the effort. By applying the tools to a planned project, the reader should have a new and valuable perspective on the process of developing a useful Web service.

The authors would appreciate your feedback on and experiences using the guide. Please send comments to the authors via our project contact form.