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The core of this guide was drawn from the experiences of the participants in the Internet Services Testbed Project conducted by the Center for Technology in Government during 1996. This project helped the agencies identify and address the policy, management, and technology issues associated with developing and delivering Web-based services.

Seven agencies participated in the project. They are:

  • Governor's Traffic Safety Committee
  • Hamilton County and the NYS Performance Measurement, Reporting, and Improvement
  • System Project
  • NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal
  • NYS Division of Military and Naval Affairs
  • NYS Motion Picture and Television Development Office
  • NYS Office of Real Property Services
  • NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services

The case examples in this guide are hypothetical situations. Much of the material contained in this guide is derived from a one-day group decision conference organized at the University at Albany on June 6, 1996: "Cost and Performance Factors for Developing and Operating Internet- based Services." John Rohrbaugh of the Department of Public Administration and Policy led this decision conference and developed many of the tools in this guide. We are also indebted to the other CTG staff who carried out the Internet Services Testbed Project: Sharon Dawes, Theresa Pardo, Ann DiCaterino, Donna Berlin, and David Connelly.