A Cost Performance Model for Assessing WWW Service Investments



Executive Summary


Setting and refining service objectives: A framework

Identification of system features and functionality

Cost assessment for developing and delivering services

Performance assessment

Combining cost and performance assessments for decision support

Sample analyses


Appendix A. Detailed Directions for Worksheet

A Cost Performance Model for Assessing WWW Service Investments
Mon, 01 Jun 1997
Peter A. Bloniarz and Kai R. Larsen
Creating an effective Web site at an efficient cost is a goal for most government agencies. This guide was created to help organizations develop Web sites that meet their needs at a cost that they can estimate in advance. Through a structured process, the reader is guided toward a better understanding of the cost and performance factors involved in creating a Web service, and in maintaining an effective presence on the World Wide Web. The guide addresses many of the factors relevant to conducting an effective effort, including defining service goals, evaluating infrastructure needs, and estimating the human resources required to sustain the effort. By applying the tools to a planned project, the reader should have a new and valuable perspective on the process of developing a useful Web service.