Digital Transformation and Public Value

Theresa A. Pardo, Meghan E. Cook
Jan. 31, 2022


Washington D.C. with the Capitol at Night with long exposure

Digital transformation — increasingly recognized as central to the efforts of government leaders to meet their obligations to society — is the use of digital technologies to innovate and change how organizations create value and prepare for the future. Creating public value through digital transformation requires that government leaders recognize that capability to create sustainable public value is a function of context. More specifically, research and practice clearly tells us that no one size fits all when it comes to creating sustainable transformation.

Government leaders therefore, must recognize the importance of building understanding of the transformation context and commit to using that new understanding to guide both digital transformation policy and practice decision making

This Primer for Government Leaders presents four essential ideas for government leaders looking to digital transformation to meet their obligations to society and four tools designed to provide systematic approaches to building understanding of context and using that understanding to inform executive decisions about digital transformation and sustainable public value creation.